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Tips On Preparing For Your Upcoming Immigration Interview

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An immigration interview can be unnerving and overwhelming for some. Applicants usually fail on this process because they do not seem prepared.

But you can increase your chances of getting approved by following these set of dos:

  • Get your documents read

The first order of business is to have your documents with you. Do not come on the interview empty-handed. The immigration officer would probably ask you questions and you need to answer them to proofs to back your statements. So, a day before the interview, gather all the documents and papers you think you will be needing for the interview. As much as possible, bring the original copies of these papers. If you already submitted the original documents, the photocopied copies might do.


  • Prepare the proper outfit

Your interview attire will help on your cause so be sure to wear an appropriate one. It would be best to do a little research on what outfits are allowed in the embassy. Show a little of your personality but do not overdo it. It would be best to be on the safe side in terms of the interview garments.


  • Talk to your consultant

Having an expert by your side would definitely give you an edge on your immigration interview. Two days before the scheduled interview, talk to your Canada immigration consultant in Dubai to help you out. Ask what information you need to know that would increase your chances of getting approved. It would be best he can help you out on possible questions that might be asked in the interview.


  • Know the possible questions

With the help of your consultant, draft a possible list of questions that might come up during the interview and come up with appropriate answers. Be sure to give an honest one and do not attempt to lie in front of the immigration officers. Sooner or later, they will know that you lie to them. An honest answer is always the best answer. And do not rehearsed your answers. Being natural goes well with the immigration officers. Just make an outline of the possible answers.


  • Set your alarm

Being late on any interview will get you agitated and will make you looked unprepared. So set your alarm accordingly. It would be best if you arrived 15 minutes before the scheduled interview so have time to compose yourself.


  • Be calm but friendly

As mentioned, interviews can be nerve-wracking but try to be calm so answer the questions better. Listen carefully to what your immigration officers are asking you so you can give an appropriate answer. Be courteous and smile.

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