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Dubai – A land of fun and enjoyment

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Located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is amongst the most famous and most frequently visited tourist destinations around the world. Although it’s true that the nightlife, beaches and parties are a major part of the attractions found in Dubai, but you need to know that this beautiful travel destination has a whole lot more to offer – it isn’t just all about the beaches and partying!

If truth be told, it is much of a misconception that a trip to Dubai is only going to be about partying and fun, but what tourists typically miss out on is the natural, historic and even cultural aspect of the amazing destination. On the whole, with its exquisite beauty, countless tourist attractions and outstanding climate, visiting Dubai is quite like a dream come true for many!

Resorts in Dubai – must try!

One of the oldest resorts in Dubai is the Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa. This resort is located on the shores of the popular Jumeirah Beach. For all that it has to offer, the Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa ranks on top in terms of the best accommodation options in Dubai. It comes with its very own serene private beach and marina together with an extensive nine-hole par 36 golf course. Apart from that, there’s the Le Meridien Dubai Hotel, Villa Rotana Suites, Raffles Dubai and so much more.

The nightlife!

There really can’t be a mention of Dubai without discussing its nightlife. After dark, that’s when the entire social scene in Dubai literally comes to life. There are countless attractions, venues and events that offer a variety of entertainment options at night. To be honest, there is so much that having to choose amidst all of it can get rather overwhelming. If anything, the overall nightlife scene in Dubai is not going to disappoint any of its visitors and tourists. There are a number of clubs here that one would want to visit. These are inclusive of Sensation Club, 360 degrees, Buddha Bar, Rock Bottom, Stereo Arcade and many more.

All in all, a trip to Dubai is not just about partying and having fun, although tourists don’t really skip out on this element. There’s a lot of history and culture in Dubai as well that awaits all of its visitors. For instance, a guided tour of the Jumeirah Mosque can be taken through the Sheikh Mohammad Centre for Cultural Understanding.