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Here are the most commonly asked questions by parents when they are searching for the best nursery school in Dubai for their child:

What Should The Building Be Like?

Ideally, the building of the nursery should exude an inviting, warm, and safe vibe. The building should be replete with children’s works. Lavatories, equipment, and tables should encourage independence at child level, as do pictures on cabinets, drawers, and cupboards to let kids know where everything is kept. Classrooms shouldn’t be smelly, and ventilation is important. In addition, there should be a safe outdoor play area where kids can enjoy playtimes.

What about The Children?

Silence is the worst sign in a nursery building; happy four-year-olds do know how to make a commotion. However, hyper-active and over-excited children are also a red flag. Remember that friendly relationships help learning. In addition, it’s good to know if the school offers extra support to children with special-needs. Check if the nursery has separate provision if they take toddlers and babies too, since their needs are much more different from older children.

Are The Play Facilities Vital?

More than you think! Well-organized areas should be incorporated around the room, such as construction corner, book corner, home corner, and science corner. Check if the toys used in a non-sexist way and reflect ethnic diversity. Play facilities should ideally adapt to adult-led and independent work.

Should The Pre-School Support Parental Involvement?

Pretty much! Nurseries that tell you to leave your kids to it and be brave should be avoided at all costs. You want to get your child registered at a nursery that respects your knowledge as a parent and is willing to work with you. In addition, your nursery of choice should only allow your child to be picked up by people you have nominated beforehand. If you don’t like a nursery, chances are that your kid won’t either. So, learn to trust your intuition.

Should the Nursery Keep Records On The Children?

This nursery practice is important, since it allows the staff to work with your child at an appropriate level. If they nursery keeps record of your child’s progress, chances are they will let you see them too.

Should My Child Go Part-Time Initially?

If kids are introduced to a full day pre-school gradually, they will eventually learn to cope with it. However, your child may still not be ready, or you may not have any other option other than part-time places. However, if you are considering a full-time nursery, check their lunch menu to ascertain that they offer nourishing and varied diets. Look at this web-site to know your options.