Contractors You Need For Building Renovation

Renovating a structure is as hard as building one from the scratch. Since the limitations are already set, you have to work with you have and make it even better than the first one.

Since it is a hard work, you need bunch of contractors and suppliers to ensure that your renovation will be as successful as the first time the building is made:

  • Designers, engineers, and architects

These trio is the brains and head of any construction project. Each of them have expertise you need to make sure that your building renovation is on the right path. Engineers and architects usually team up or is filled by one person. But for the longest time, there have been confusion between the two. To get the record straight, architects focus more on the structural design while the engineers deal with the structural integrity.

Interior designers, on the other hand, works on making the space livable and presentable.


  • Builders and carpenters

The first trio might have the vision, but this duo will be responsible for making this vision to reality. Builders and carpenters are essential in any construction work. Without them, there will be no people to build what the architects and the engineers want. Usually, architectural firms have a team of builders they employ for their projects. But if they have none, it is your job to help on scouting a reliable building team.


  • Scanning companies

Scanning companies are for technical use. Even before the renovation starts, building scanners are hired to scan the inside structure of a building. These scanners are used to detect rebar systems, cable and wiring underneath, and thickness of materials. The result provided by the post tension cable locators can help architects and engineers plan the renovation better.


  • Coring and drilling companies

Building renovation would entail cutting one part of the structure to make way for the new design. This is where you need coring and drilling experts. A concrete coring company in Dubai can help with cutting partitions and drill holes on different types of construction materials. They have the latest equipment at hand for precise cutting and drilling.

  • Painters and finishing

After all the work is done, it is time to beautify the space is to paint it. With the direction of the interior designer, the painting and decorating team will work their magic to make the space look lively in accordance to the design.