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Polycystic ovary syndrome often known as PCOS is something that women are affected by as it is a hormonal condition in which females have a higher number of androgens also known as male hormones that hinder in the way of an effective reproductive system. The condition is a bit complicated and this is why it is hard even for some doctors to pin point the right causes which can lead to misconceptions. Here we are to remove all those misconceptions of yours.

  • You will grow hair at all the places you don’t want to
  • The case is not the same for every woman. Abnormal hair growth is one of the most common and obvious symptoms of PCOS but this does not mean that every single woman will go through this. Androgen – male hormones discussed above – causes this to happen but ethnicity in some patients may predispose excess hair.
  • Women suffering from PCOS cannot get pregnant
  • Women with PCOS can and do get pregnant. Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition where it can be difficult for ovaries to release an egg to get fertilized and carry on with pregnancy but this does not mean that there are no chances of egg never releasing. Women with PCOS have been able to conceive naturally and through fertilization treatment so giving up is never an option.
  • Irregular menstrual cycle can mean PCOS
  • There are a hundred other causes of irregular menstrual cycle. If you really want to know whether you are facing any hormonal problems or not then keep track of your menstrual cycle and if it is lower than 22 days or higher than 35 days then get it checked. There could be several other underlying problems such as stress, over exercise, pelvic inflammation, breast feeding and a lot more. Also get a blood test done for thyroid and see if that’s the cause of it all.
  • Women with PCOS are always over weight
  • Not all overweight women suffer from PCOS and even normal or underweight women can have PCOS. This is a very common myth and this is the reason that obese women with hormonal problems can often be misdiagnosed for PCOS. You must get on PCOS diet to maintain a healthy diet plan in Dubai to avoid such problems and maintain your health at the same time.