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Collagen treatments for a better body lipid profile in Dubai

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Collagen treatments for a better body lipid profile in Dubai

Collagen is the largest and most essential protein in the inner and connective tissues of our body. Collagen, the flesh, bones, muscles, tendons, and the ligaments as well as hair, skin and clots constitute all of our most significant building blocks. In our body, there are about 16 different collagen forms, each of which has a different function.

When we mature, our body loses its capacity to generate large quantities of collagen. We therefore require additional therapies and nutrients to promote collagen and help protect bone, muscles and skin health.

The improvement in scientific technology has allowed LED or light emitting diode therapy to work for many skin concerns as conclusive treatment. Driven light therapy is said to help improve collagen because of its special features. While these lights were available for a long time, they were used as a skin treatment only recently.

A number of wavelengths refer to the varying colors of the LED lights which reach the skin to varying depths. Driven lights are known to have varying biochemical effects based on how far they penetrate.

As we mature, the development of collagen and elastin begins to slow. Injection fillers are incredibly powerful to initiate the development of fresh collagen, which leads to a cleaner skin and more volume in areas where fine lines have become visible.

Their available fillers are Botox, Disport, Juvederm and Restyle. Whilst dermal body filler does not actually speed up the process of cell renovation, this helps facilitate the regeneration of skin cells by providing more hydration and protection against barrier to the skin.

When the cold winters begin, our skin eventually becomes dry and irritated. Therefore, it is important to retain a hydrated, smooth and soft skincare treatment. Exfoliation of healthy skin is crucial. We all know that collagen, by retaining its skin shape and allowing various processes to take place, is a decisive protein that defines the physiology of skin.

But did you know too that exfoliation leads to improving collagen? The skin is chocked at the production of new cells that promote a new collagen production by exfoliation (removal of the surface layer of dead cells).

The above therapies are a perfect way to help your body improve collagen and the amount of lipids it needs to keep young and healthy. Before going for any of the medicinal therapies to produce best outcomes, you can still consult a licensed facial clinic in Dubai.

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