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How to Cool Down in Dubai

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Almost every conversation you have with someone who visited Dubai during summer will contain those few sentences about unbearable heat. Everything they saw was like magic; everybody was so nice; best shops, boutiques and molls in the world; but that heat! All jokes aside – 41 Celsius  is an average high in Dubai from May till August.  There are few almost “traditional” ways to feel more comfortable when it is too hot: spending time in molls, having numerous ice coffees and other kinds of drinks in hotel lobbies, going swimming in one of many indoor pools, and of course, eating as much ice cream as you can. That is actually great, because you can find some of the world’s best ice cream in Dubai. But there is also a place that can make you feel like you traveled half of the world in a second and ended up on the top of the Alpes! That place is Ski Dubai Snowpark.

They use real snow instead of artificial one and that snow covers 3000 square meters. There is nothing that you can find and enjoy in a real ski resort that you can’t find here: chair lift, snowboarding, ski school for beginners, several ski tracks and one of them is 400m long! If you visit Dubai with your kids and they cannot stand the heat any more – this place has something else apart from snow and skiing and low temperatures: one of the best hot chocolates in the world and guess what else! King Penguins! This is why this kind of place is perfect for the whole family. There are trained people who can take care of your children while you have hot rum with your friends or race them on one of the skiing tracks. You can also leave your children to trained skiing instructors that will take them back to you as real talented little skiers.

One of the best features is that you don’t need to buy or bring your own skiing equipment! They have it all: from skies, snowshoes, and snow boards to overalls in all sizes.

There are restaurants and coffee shops where you feel like you are on the top of the most beautiful mountain in the world, watching people skiing way under you and penguins doing their own business.  Apart from some typical winter stuff, like rum, teas and hot soups, there is also Italian and Chinese food. After you’re finished with enjoying your time on the top, you get into chair lift, go down, pick up your kids and go back to Son after being properly cooled down on -4 Celsius degrees. Enjoy skiing in Dubai!