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Dubai and the Baby boom

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One of the fastest growing cities in the world is located in the arid Middle Eastern desert. It is the city-state of Dubai which is a modern miracle. Within a short span of 25 years, it has grown into one of the biggest economic hubs of the planet with millions of dollars being spent around the city each day.  With the creation of this economic hub, the local businessmen have flourished. There has been a high level of progress in the city during the recent years and as with any other central hub, local businesses are now growing faster than ever before. So many locals who have thought about starting a business in Dubai have come to the conclusion that there is no better time than now to give it a go.

New arrivals

One of the best things about Dubai is that up till now it has been a mainly professional city, with many people working there but not that many people actually living there with their families. This means that until recent years there were not many babies being born in the city, as most of the office workers were comfortable in going home for their holidays and they did not keep their families in the city. However, with the recent additions to the city infrastructure such as theme parks and other family-oriented buildings, many people have decided to settle down in Dubai. This has created a mini baby boom in the city. There have been more births in the city in recent years than there were in the past century.

Family matters

This is due to the fact that more and more people are now comfortable living in the city with their families. When asked about their decision to move they say that Dubai is becoming more and more family orientated. Whether it is baby formula or baby gifts in Dubai, the country has got it all now and new families are making the most of it.

Best place for toddlers

Another great thing is that Dubai is one of the best places for toddlers to grow and learn, and recent additions to the education sector and the entertainment sector mean that from education provided in typical no-nonsense UAE style to birthday cakes in Dubai, there is nothing that the grand city does not have for the new additions to happy families. This is one of the reasons that office workers in many companies now request that they are allowed to move to Dubai with their families.