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Undertaking a home decoration venture can be simultaneously overwhelming and exhilarating. Real estate in Dubai is cresting the waves of popularity and the most beautiful, modern, extravagant, and striking homes are always being constructed across the city. Being one of the biggest shopping capitals in the world, you can rest easy knowing that when it comes to home renovation in Dubai, you will never run out of sourcing, inspiration, and decorating ideas for home interior design style. However, the copious amounts of options can leave you feeling a little disoriented.

Soliciting the services of an interior design consultancy in Dubai can make your project a breeze. While it does weight heavy on the pocket, it will alleviate you and your family of the burden. Not to mention, the out-of-box concepts and innovative ideas that a professional interior decorator brings to the picture will help make sure that your home gets the treatment it deserves.

The scorching climate of Dubai is one of the city’s major drawbacks. Having a tropical desert climate translates into a lot of humidity and heat, which should be factored in when planning a makeover for your home. Wall papers do look appealing, but they aren’t the most feasible option for Dubai, due to the difficulty of maintaining and applying in hot weather. Not to mention, the extra insulation it adds to your home is most unwanted in the sweltering heat. While heavy soft furnishings do infuse what is traditionally very clean and modern architecture with softness, and add an element of homeliness to your villa or home, they are not a necessary function as they mean extra heat. Villa interior design in Dubai is diligently planned with the weather conditions in mind to make such holiday homes comfortable for tourists.

Dubai’s signature architecture style and interior design is a mix of modern luxury and extravagance, and traditional Arab décor, which is a stylish and fun trend to incorporate into your home design. The use of jewel tones and vibrant colors is recommended against modern appliances, white walls, and light backdrops. Another popular trend is subtle glamor, which capitalizes on plenty of luxuriant surfaces such as mirror, granite, and marble with a plethora of metallic accents.

On the other hand, when you are decorating your apartment, size constraints can rain over your parade. A lot of considerations should be made that impact how your abode feels, including lighting, layout, and color. You need to decide how you want to spend time in each room before moving on to the actual design of the house; sourcing decorative items, creating color palette, choosing furniture, and letting your personality shine through!