Dangers of Using Counterfeit Safety Gears and Equipment

In the recent years, there has been a lot of contractors who were swayed to buy counterfeit personal protective equipment for their workers. They were lured by the low cost and the promises that it can still give the same protection as what the original ones can give.

However, this might not be the case. If you are on the process of bidding for safety coverall suppliers in UAE, this information might convince you to deal with credible suppliers.

  • Compromise the safety of the wearer

The main reason why contractors should not subscribing to suppliers of fake safety gears is the safety of the wearer. Sure, counterfeit items can cut corners in terms of cost. But this is just short term and you might be putting your workers into danger with these type of gears and equipment.

Original safety gears and equipment are made of high quality materials that can ensure protection of the wearer, especially if they are on site. With counterfeits, you will never know what material is used for making such gears. Always take into account the safety and security of the users when looking for a safety shoes supplier in Dubai.


  • Easily damaged or tear

As mentioned, most counterfeit safety gears are substandard and made of weak materials. Imagine your workers wearing tattered and worn out safety gears at the site. You might probably cringe. A simple accident can become a serious one since the gear did not do its job well. Once the personal protective equipment is damaged, it is good as trash and should not be worn.


  • Costly in the long run

You might feel lucky if you got your safety gears at a low price since they are counterfeit and imitation of the original. However, since they are made from low-grade materials, they might probably break into two the moment your worker wear it. It means you might need a bunch of replacements. If you do the math, you might find that you are spending more on counterfeit replacement than buying an original and genuine equipment that may be costly at first but will last longer.


  • No guarantee from the supplier

One of the disadvantages of subscribing to a counterfeit supplier is that they cannot give you warranty on the safety equipment that you are buying. There will be no warranties from the manufacturer.


  • It can compromise your project

Government agencies are keen inspecting construction projects to see if they are following the standards set by the government, especially when it comes to safety. When they see that you are not providing ample and genuine equipment to your workers, there is a chance that they might order work and project stoppage.