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The Benefits of BMW Minor Damage Repairs

Scratches on the interior, small dents marring the bumper, stone chip damages incurred by the windscreen: All these are normal occurrences when your BMW is used intensively. However, the great news is that these inevitable indications of use can be obliterated like they never existed with the latest BMW minor damage repairs. Exceptional techniques for interior surfaces, plastics, and glass are aptly deployed by BMW service professionals in BMW workshops in Abu Dhabi and your BMW will regain its coveted royalty right before your eyes. Not to mention the staggering amount of money you will save! Since BMW minor damage repairs won’t cost you an arm and leg, you are spared costlier repairs and more serious damage, while still retaining the value of your beloved ride.

BMW Interior Repair

With the internal repair services of BMW, burn holes and slits in seat covers can be fixed with the same skills required to mend minor interior damage, for instance drill holes in plastic parts. A moment of negligence can mean stubborn stains on the leather of car seats, and day to day rigorous use can see to it that interior plastic parts are scratched in places. BMW interior repair is particularly employed for:

  • Dirt and discoloration
  • Scrapes and Scratches
  • Slits up to 40 mm in length
  • Holes and tears up to 15 mm in diameter

BMW Dent Repair

A moment of distraction on the road or a reckless driver in your vicinity can result in dents in your vehicle. While car dent repair in Abu Dhabi can cost you a fortune, the dent repair service of BMW helps you cope with metal damage cost quickly and effectively without causing the need to repaint. Your BMW service partner can also provide services in events of a hailstorm wreaking havoc on your vehicle. Small dents can be straightened out or eliminated altogether with the help of state of the art repair methods, and perfect results are achieved. BMW dent repair is used most extensively for:

  • Damage up to 60 mm in diameter
  • Dents that do not irrevocably harm the original paintwork
  • Hail damage or compression, bends, and dents

BMW Glass Repair

Damages to the front glass windscreen not only are a nuisance when driving, they are downright hazardous. Windscreens can incur cracks due to which the entire windscreen has to be replaced. The glass repair services of BMW can save you from his stroke of misfortune, since BMW service experts are drilled with all the right skills and know-how to resolve glass damage reliably and quickly. If repairs are impossible, they insert a new Original BMW Windscreen.