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Your home ornaments are important part of your design theme. These accents give the space character and can also be used to showcase the homeowner’s character and personality. Hence, it is imperative that you choose the right residential interior design companies in dubai for your living space.

If you are in the process of purchasing your home ornaments and design, go over this list to avoid picking the wrong pieces:

  1. Not thinking about the design theme

Some homeowners haphazardly choose their design accents without thinking about the design theme of their spaces. Not only it will be a waste of money, but it will also make the space looking off and awkward. As much as possible, choose your pieces carefully. Try to picture the space and see what design accents would complement the look and feel of the space. You might want to bring a friend with you to check whether the pieces you will choose will fit the design.

  1. Not taking into account your color palette

Another glaring mistake that most home owners commit when they are choosing a design ornament is choosing the wrong color. You might pick the right type, but if the color is off, your efforts will be futile. Apart from the design theme, be sure to consider the color palette. If you cannot find the right color, choose another type of ornament that goes well with hues of your room.

  1. Choosing the wrong size

Apart from choosing the right color, it is important that the dimensions of your ornaments are appropriate for your room design, or else, it will just look awkward in the space. Choosing big design accents can overwhelm the space while choosing small ones will be barely noticeable. Try to balance the sizes. You can also try using a variety of sizes to give it an interesting look.

  1. Choosing complicated ornaments

Choosing too intricate and complicated ornaments can backfire, when it comes to cleaning time. These kinds of ornaments can be hard to clean and the upkeep will be a chore. Choosing something simple will help you maintain your space with convenience.

  1. Not including your preference

Lastly, you want to make the space feel like yours. When you put generic and meaningless accents inside the space, it will look and feel generic as well. Try to include your personal preferences to make the space look and feel like it is yours.

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